Intelligent Transport

Urban mobility has undergone a radical shift from the large scale public infrastructure and the private automobile to the rise of mobility on demand services like Uber, and collaborative lift share services like BlaBlaCar. Yet most city’s roads are still congested. Amazon and Just Eat look to robots and drones to optimise delivery, and city authorities look at clear air zones, smart parking and dynamic charging to shift demand. But consumers expect a quick, cashless, low-cost service from A – B and care little for the regulatory, commercial, or privacy policies needed to make that the norm.

Some of the key INTELLIGENT MOBILITY questions that will be explored across the Venturefest programme include:

  • What is the roadmap to driverless cars, who owns and regulates the infrastructure and what commercial models of operation might we expect?
  • As we move towards Mobility as a Service – who will the main providers be, who will be the early adopters?
  • Is it the streets or the skies in the battle for fast, low cost delivery?
  • How can we value our air quality as much as our road independence, and whose data can we trust?
  • Are successful cities also walkable cities?
  • Connected infrastructure requires detailed data layers about the city and other moving parts – who should own it, how should it be refreshed, and who pays?
  • Dare we envisage an intelligent mobility system where no one ever dies again in a road traffic accident?

Thought Leadership Conference

Venturefest Questions

Leading futurologists, business leaders and academics will position the challenges to developing technology for the future city.

Smart Energy

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Intelligent Transport

Urban mobility has undergone a radical shift from large-scale public infrastructure  to the rise of mobility on demand services.

Intelligent Infrastructure

Embedded sensors and ubiquitous digital communication networks are enabling a world where ‘dumb’ and ‘silent’ infrastructure assets are springing to life.

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