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Venturefest provides a forum for companies embracing Future Cities. It helps them find solutions to technology challenges by identifying fast growth tech companies and startups capable of delivering solutions to those challenges.

Venturefest will explore technologies like communication networks and connectivity, seamless automation, robotics, intelligent buildings, smart building bricks and new breeds of in-home technology.

Companies, sponsors, exhibitors and visitors from the region and beyond are invited to participate in a year of activity, beginning on February 3 with our series opener.

This invite only Future City Seminar sees leading businesses discuss the technology and challenges involved in developing the city of the future.

Ongoing, the Venturefest Series will comprise linked events throughout the year. The events will facilitate further exploration of the themes from our series opener, and deliver activities to support start-ups wanting to develop their solutions in this field.

October’s Venturefest Showcase will be the culmination of the Series, and will act as a spotlight for the region’s tech cluster by showcasing the responses to the challenges set out at February’s opening event.

Featuring a thought leadership conference which demonstrates the progress, productivity and promise of the region, October’s event will illustrate first-hand what the future of urban living looks like right here in Bristol and Bath.

For updates on Venturefest Bristol & Bath 2017 follow @Venturefestbb.

Thought Leadership Conference

Venturefest Questions

Leading futurologists, business leaders and academics will position the challenges to developing technology for the future city.

Smart Energy

A smart energy system fit for the 21st Century needs to radically rethink the place that energy holds in the world and in our lives.

Intelligent Transport

Urban mobility has undergone a radical shift from large-scale public infrastructure  to the rise of mobility on demand services.

Intelligent Infrastructure

Embedded sensors and ubiquitous digital communication networks are enabling a world where ‘dumb’ and ‘silent’ infrastructure assets are springing to life.

Smart Living

What does it mean to ‘live smart’ in a world where there are more connected devices than people, yet natural resources are increasingly scarce?

Smart Money

The banking and finance sector is anticipating more change in the next two years than in the last 200, see the tech thats driving it.

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Sponsors and event partners

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